Welcome to Bergsmansgårdens Gästhus

If you are looking for a get-away from the big city´s hustle and bustle, in search for the silence and the beatiful scenery along the historic Bergslags Kanal. Well, then you have found the right place.

Having said that, it is only 50 minutes to Karlstad and Örebro - if you should feel the need for shopping and a culinaric extravaganza.

Bergsmansgården is located in the pictoresc village of Asphyttan. Halfway between Filipstad and Storfors. For driving instructions, see contact & find us.

The guesthouse consists of 4 individual, self contained apartments. See more under Apartments.

This historic village dates back to the late 1400, when Asphyttan was the centre of Värmland’s early iron history. The Bergsmansgård was home of the proprietor of the foundry, also called the Bergsman. The history also tells us that the international price for ironrods was set at just these premises.

The area offers waterfalls and rapids, a grand canal and locks, hiking trail in the area around the rapids, resting areas and bathing spots. 

The Bergsmansgård Guesthouse also offers the gallery for group meetings and parties. We can set the table for upto 30 persons. See more under Facilities.